Friday, July 9, 2010

Girls Weekend!!!

Doesn't this picture look so peaceful? Like Elleanor didn't just pull out a giant wad of Bella's hair a few seconds before the picture was taken?

Bryan's gone, which means I get a girls weekend with Elleanor! Don't be jealous. Well - on second thought, be jealous. She's a super cool chick and my favorite person to hang out with.

I wonder what Elle has planned for us?

What does Elle have planned you ask? Well apparently you've never had a baby if you have to ask such a question. God and babies both do the same thing when you tell them your plans: they laugh at them.

Happy Weekend!

Happy Birthday Perri!!!

It's Perri's birthday today -- which means a few things:

One: Elleanor really wants to wear HER birthday suit all. day. long.
Two: It's a day to celebrate Perri in all her wonderfulness.
Three: An excuse to take cute pictures of my favorite person.

Happy Birthday Perri!

Love - Elleanor, Courtney and Bryan