Monday, December 20, 2010

Did you know she could spell?

I asked Haley to sit with Elle while she was in the tub for a second and look what I came back to!

What a smart cookie she is!

PS That's left over mac and cheese on her face from supper :-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kahn's a kNifty Knitter

Suprise suprise, FOX News is on the TV. This is our basement, otherwise known as Bryan's Cave. We don't spend much time down here, mostly because, the TV is too small (says Bryan). I said we shouldn't even have a TV down there, make it a space we go to have a fire, relax, read a book, etc.
That went over like a lead balloon.

Anywho, Con stitched all of our names into the stockings. How fancy, right?!? He's a very crafty and yet, very straight, man. Even though when I was in high school we started a rumor that he was boyfriends with my friends uncle - it was just a rumor. And, even though whenever he goes out to the bars he, without fail, gets a drink bought for him by a very friendly gentleman, he is still not gay. Nope, not gay. Just crafty. You can be both crafty and straight. It's a new generation.

Sick Babies are THE WORST

This is how Elle spent most of the day today. Either laying on Bryan's or my chest, sleeping or just kind of vegging out.
It's such a horrible thing to see Elle sick, mostly because we have no idea what's wrong, aside from a fever. She woke up around 1:30 this morning and her fever was 102.5 which was pretty scary. We gave her some Tylenol and then ended up giving her a cold(ish) bath to cool her down. We were back in bed around 2:30/3:00 am and up again at 6. She's been in her crib asleep for almost an hour now, so I'm running around like a crazy woman trying to load the dishwasher, do some laundry, put clothes away, etc because sick babies are like having newborns. You can't put them down, you just hold them and while I was used to living in an unorganized house when she was little it was driving me NUTS today.
So I stopped running around like crazy to post this - but I'm off to go finish running.


This was last weekend, Saturday, Elle's first official snow fall. Even though she was born and lived through plenty of snows last year she was between 2 and 5 months old when there was snow on the ground, I doubt she remembers it. I mean, she's the smartest baby ever and all, but I'm fairly certain she does not remember. Anywho, she loved it.

PS No need to call children's services regarding the lack of appropriate hand coverings, she now has gloves.
Short story, Con, the mittens you bought to go with her hat last year, well, they don't have thumb holes! WTF? So, Toben's wearing them since he has no thumbs, or a brain, but mostly thumbs.