Sunday, February 6, 2011

Elleanor is a snarky little girl.

Today is Bryan's day to sleep in. One of us sleeps in on Saturday and the other on Sunday. She's been asking for him; "dada? dada?" and I respond "daddy's sleeping, he'll be up soon."
She has taken matters into her own hands and is throwing her toys down, on the hardwood floor, not in an angry way, but more in a "oops, my hand slipped and oh look, there goes my heaviest toy crashing onto the hardwood floor.... gee, I hope that didn't wake up dad."

Here's the thing. She didn't learn that from me. If I want to wake up Bryan I just go and wake him up.

You know who is really great at behavior like that though, the elder Eleanor.

Yup. Grandma Ellie is the queen of the "oh, I didn't do that..." or the "oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you?" she can pull it off because she then follows it up with "here, let me make you some homemade french toast, eggs, sausage, fruit, orange juice, waffles, pancakes, coffee.... what, your full? but I'm just about to make lunch!"
And then she hands you your clean clothes that you had no idea she took to wash but, wait a minute, she ironed your underwear and oh my gosh this is amazing, everyone should iron their underwear! And before long you've forgotten that she purposely slammed 3 doors to wake you up because, although you are 10 lbs heavier, you have the cleanest underwear this side of the Mississippi.

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