Monday, February 21, 2011

Mother of the Year

I pretty much let Elle play with anything (knives and guns aside). Before you call children’s services on me, know that it’s always supervised, but, in hindsight, there are some things she probably shouldn’t play with. For example, beads off of a broken bracelet. But the thing is, when she grabs them, she knows she’s not supposed to have them, and she gives them to me. I know she just as easily could put them in her mouth and choke, but she doesn’t. So there.

She did however choke once, on a cracker that I normally broke in half for her, but my husband didn’t know that, and she started to choke. In the dressing room of Banana Republic. With me screaming “Call the ambulance!!!” And my husband tipping Elle upside down to dislodge the cracker. Good times.

Side note: not my fault. I didn’t feed her the cracker.

Anywho, tonight, I let her play with her empty bottle of bath bubbles, it had a little water left inside, she tipped it upside down, drank the soapy water, gagged, coughed, and puked up her dinner.

Mother of the year, FTW! (For the win, dad...)

Cue lecture from my husband about how I let her play with things she shouldn’t play with.

I hate to have such a negative attitude about it, but honestly, if I only let her play with baby toys I’d get nothing done because I’d be taking things away from her left and right. Except knives and guns - I take those away from her. Duh.

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  1. My kids play with everything too! Including the empty shampoo bottles in the tub. lol! At least she puked it up. Better than being sick. :-)