Monday, September 27, 2010

Elleanor is almost one!

Holy Moly! Elleanor will be one in less than a month!
Where the H has the time gone?

Here are some little known facts about my little turkey:

1. She loves it when you tickle her chin
2. She loves her puppies, but Toben is her favorite.
Note: She is NOT Toben's favorite. It is a very complicated relationship that these two share.
3. She loves to be chased around the house. Her favorite is to run around the fridge.
4. She loves to give kisses and hugs.
5. Her favorite game is "peak a boo" and she knows how to say boo.
6. She does not like it when I pretend to cry. She starts to cry too.
7. She says "mama", and sometimes "mom". The other day in the car, she said mom so clearly and firmly that I thought I had a 8 year old in the back seat.
8. She loves to push boxes (diaper boxes), pick them up, move them around the house, etc

That's all for now.

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