Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I remember reading an article about Madonna (I know... pre baby, when I had lots of time on my hands...). In the article she called her daughter "the greatest thing I've ever done." And, while I am not nearly as accomplished or talented as Madonna, I could not agree with that statement any more.
Elleanor Briseis Donati is the greatest thing I've ever done. Bar none.
On days when I'm feeling crappy about myself. About my job. About my weight. About my crappy car (sorry dad), I look at her and realize that none of that matters because I have her. And she is amazing. She teaches me new things everyday. I learn something more about myself, about life, about my purpose, about God, about my family, about my husband, all in her smile and goofy laugh.
Here's Elle hamming it up for the camera this afternoon, and then, the inner hillbilly/farmer in her found a piece of grass and began talking with a thick southern accent. I made a conscious decision to stop calling her sweet potatoes "sweet potatoers" because obviously, it's wearing off on her.

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