Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Makings of a Nursery

Just thought I'd greet you - it felt right.

So - since August of 2002 (when I moved away for college) I've moved a total of 846 times. Not really. But it feels that way. From 2002 - 2006 I moved to and from college, into my first apartment, to Ohio, to a different house in Ohio, to Wisconsin, back to Ohio, and now, in a different house in Ohio. We are staying in this one for a while. Trust me. Because honestly, moving sucks. And you know what sucks even more than moving? Moving with a baby. Yup. Double suck.
So I'll keep this post light hearted, but it will start out sad. Well, me feeling sorry for myself. Elleanor was born in Wisconsin, we already had a feeling that we'd be moving so she didn't have a nursery. In fact, she didn't even have a crib, dresser, changing table, nothing. (And really, in hindsight we didn't need any of that). It was depressing though, to bring her home, and be like "this is home... maybe, and this might be your room, sorry it's not painted, or cute, and sorry everything is in boxes, etc" but, she didn't care. She had two parents who loved her very much, and, she slept in our bed so who needs a crib?!? (I'll reference this again, later). When Elle was 8 weeks old, we moved to Ohio. The house was nice, small, but it worked for Bryan, Elle, and me. Her room was grey, small, but since it was already painted it gave me a little bit more leeway to spend money on decorations. We moved into that house in late November and in March we found out that the person we were renting the house from wasn't paying the mortgage thus throwing the house into foreclosure. I hadn't really done a tone of decorating in Elle's room mostly because, well, let's be honest, she's never slept in there. She doesn't sleep in her crib. My quadriplegic friends could count on their fingers and toes the amount of times Elleanor has slept in her crib. Oh wait, quadriplegic's don't have fingers or toes? Good - because the answer is 0. Zilch. None. Nada. Doesn't sleep in there.
Here's a picture of her sitting in her crib in the old house with the grey walls.

So, I show you this picture because, well, it's one of my favs, but also to showcase the crib(ish) and Elle's bedding. Because now I stop throwing a "Poor Courtney Her Baby Doesn't Have A Nursery Party" and start a super fabulous nursery decorating party.

I don't like the bedding in Elle's crib. I really didn't like it when I bought it. But, I put a ton of energy and effort into finding bedding I liked and really couldn't find anything that didn't cost way too much money. If I had my way, I'd have ordered some off of Etsy. Buuut $500 for crib bedding, especially bedding that doesn't get slept in/on (?), seems like a waste. So, I'll make this work. Maybe buy a different bed-skirt? Different pad... I dunno, I'll cross that bridge.

We now have a total blank slate - no really, the owners of this house paint their walls 3 shades, either dark dark dark green (living room) tacky tacky tacky turquoise green with even tackier wall paper (master bedroom) or white. Not off white. Not egg shell white. But white white white white white. Like hurts your eyes white. Which is what Elle's room is. So we're thinking a light yellow for the walls.
I bought some old vintage looking frames that I plan on painting, a bright pink? turquoise? As of right now I have two small frames and one large one. The large one will hold a pic of Elle, the two small ones are for Bryan and I. We each are writing a message to/wish for Elle and framing it. Cool right?
Why did I begin this post without adding pictures? I'll add pictures later.
I have baskets, a painted picture, shelving, lots of ideas, a small budget, teeny tiny, but it's gonna be cute! This is the only room of the house that I get to spend money on decorating. The rest of us have to suffer with tacky walls. But that's ok, I just finally get to have a nursery for my baby girl! Yahoo!
Stay tuned for lots of cute updates

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