Saturday, August 7, 2010


While I am more than thrilled with the thought of my daughter being, quite possibly, the smartest baby ever, since she's been walking for almost a month now (she'll be 10 months old on August 17th) I am finding that having a child that can walk to be quite a challenge.
Below is a list of her favorite toys, in no particular order:

1. Dog Food
2. The cupboards, specifically the cupboard that houses all the cleaning products (baby proofing is on the way, for now, a hair-band is holding the doors shut)
3. The vent covers - she pulls them off, I'm afraid she'll fall and be trapped Baby Jessica style.
4. The bottom of the curtains that cover our patio doors.
You're probably wondering if we even have any baby toys for her aren't you? Yes, we do.
5. The lotion/hairspray bottles that are in a basket below my sink.
6. Electrical cords
7. My cell phone
8. My ipod
9. TV Remotes
She has both her own 'fake' cell phone and remotes, but she's a smart cookie, and knows that these devices are frauds.

Ahhh the joys of a walking baby.

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